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Air pollution affects every organ, say experts

Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, Delhi-AIIMS
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 Rohit Shishodia
People generally think that air pollution only affects the lungs and triggers breathing related diseases. However, air pollution can also cause long term illnesses which people ignore and they do not take preventive steps. Doctors say that elders, children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to air pollution exposure.

They say that air pollution not only affects the lungs but other organs too.

Dr Alka Kriplani, HoD, Department of Gynecology, Delhi-AIIMS, has recommended that pregnant women should wear a mask and stay indoors as Delhi’s air is so poor. Dr Kriplani added that if a pregnant mother is not getting adequate oxygen, this can adversely impact the growth of the baby. Air pollution thus harms the development of the baby.

Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, Delhi-AIIMS said that initially pollution affects the wind pipe and lungs because they are situated at the starting point of the body. He added that smaller particulate matters such as PM 1 and PM 0.5 increase in the air due to poor environment. This particulate matter enters the body and the blood stream and affects pivotal body organs through circulation.

Dr Guleria informed that smoking not only causes lung cancer but it can contribute to the ten different cancers.

The doctors said that people wearing contact lenses can suffer from irritability in eyes due to air pollution.

Mr. Shashwat Kedia – Founder said “Many of those who wear contact lenses suffer from irritability caused by air pollution as well as foreign particles. Wearing lenses that have been made by a reliable manufacturer can tackle this problem. Contact lenses that are made by a reputable company are less likely to cause irritability in a polluted environment. There is an upsurge in the demand of lenses."

Mr. Kedia further added, "Wearing the right lenses can be a remedy to prevent damage to one's eyes.”.

Dr. Sameer Kaushal, Senior consultant Opthalmologist, said: "As the city is recording a dip in the quality of air, it is advised for the contact lens users to remove the lenses immediately and rinse and wash it thoroughly. Lenses can also be torn with constant rubbing which can lead to infection or serious injury.

“It is also advised to add Some (Artificial) Tears to eyes as pollution can make the lenses dry, but using eye drops can keep them hydrated. If you frequently experience dryness while wearing your contact lenses during this season, try putting a few drops of moisturizing artificial tears about 15 minutes before you put on your contacts. If the problem still persists, it is advised to immediately consult an eye expert,” added Dr Kaushal.


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