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80% women lung cancer victims in Delhi-NCR non-smokers

Dr. Wallia
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Dr. Meenu Walia Director- Medical Oncology, Max Hospital

NEW DELHI: Almost 80 per cent of women in Delhi-NCR area who have lung cancer do not smoke themselves, which means it is likely that they are victims of poorly ventilated kitchen and indoor air pollution, a recent study of Max Institute of Cancer Care, Max Super Speciality Hospital, has revealed.

The hospital conducts surveys on the impact of tobacco consumption. The survey was conducted in Delhi- NCR and the adjoining tier 2 & 3 cities like Moradabad, Saharanpur, Hathras, Agra, Mathura, Varanasi, Muzaffarnagar etc.

With more than 250 lung cancer patients studied for a period of two years, it was viewed that smoking is not the sole reason for causing lung cancer.

Dr. Meenu Walia, Director- Medical Oncology in the hospital, said, “Use of inefficient cooking fuels like wood and kerosene produces large amounts of small soot particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs and gradually deteriorate the alveoli, leading to lung cancer.”

The incidence of the disease was shockingly high among non-smoking women. 75% of the total patients studied were male and 25% were females.

70% of the males were regular smokers and 30% were non-smokers. Shockingly, 82% of women who didn’t smoke were affected with lung cancer.

Dr Walia further said, “In highly polluted areas like Delhi-NCR, outdoor and indoor pollution both seem to be contributory factors for the spike in lung cancer among women.”


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