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Accident victim survives even after his lungs came out of chest

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Dr Vaibhav Mishra with his team of doctors and the patient whose lung had come out of his chest.

NOIDA : A 36-year-old man has stunned doctors by surviving a serious road accident where his lungs had come out of his chest. The doctors were able to administer surgical intervention and save the patient, giving him virtually a new life.

Yogendra Kumar was travelling to work when a vehicle hit him. He was flung 20 feet into the air. He landed on a tin sheet on the left side of his chest. This caused his chest to divide into two parts causing a large opening, which resulted in his left lung coming out.

He was initially taken to a nearby hospital which refused to handle the critical case. After 10 hours, he was admitted to Fortis Hospital, Noida, where his treatment was handled by a team of doctor led by Dr. Vaibhav Mishra, Head, Department of Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery.

By this time Mr Kumar’s condition was grave. His lung was exposed, he had lost a lot of blood and there was a huge damage in his chest wall and a large tear in the left lung.

The three-hour surgery went well during which doctors repaired his lung, fixed ribs and reconstructed the entire chest wall without any major complications. The  patient got discharged from the Hospital on the seventh day after the surgery.

Dr. Mishra said, “It was a challenging surgery since there was extensive damage to the tissues which were mutilated and badly damaged. This made reconstruction extremely difficult and tedious.”


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