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Pharmaceutical companies in India
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20-day-old is India's 'youngest' to have brain surgery

Parents and doctors with the baby who had brain surgery
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Parents and doctors with the baby who had brain surgery

NEW DELHI: A 20-day-old baby boy weighing only 1.116 kg is thought to be the India's youngest patient to undergo a surgical procedure for treating a blood clot in the brain. The baby was having a seizure due to a large intracranial blood clot inside the skull, probably from a bleeding disorder.

The premature baby was one among twins born preterm at 33 weeks to parents Deevakar Jha and Deepa Mishra when he was taken to Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre, Delhi.

The baby, who cried late after birth, was admitted in the hospital for respiratory distress and perinatal asphyxia. A team of surgeons led by Dr. Pankaj Dawar and Dr. Mukesh Pandey took the child under their supervision.

The infant underwent a procedure which involved opening the skull and removing the life-threatening blood clot from the brain which caused the seizure in the neonate.

The condition would have proved fatal had it not been treated promptly. The Hospital has applied for Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records to recognize this surgical feat.

Dr Dawar said: “The patient’s skull was opened to expose his brain and the blood clot was successfully removed. With this, he has become the baby with the lowest weight to ever undergo brain surgery in India and probably in the world.”

Dr Manish Pahuja, co-surgeon in the Hospital, said: “After successful brain surgery and removal of the blood clot, the baby is perfectly fine. He is gaining weight and meeting all neural milestones adequately at last follow up visit.”


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