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Sharp, broken teeth pose risk of oral cancer

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Dr Srishti Arora and Dr Prerna Taneja

 Rohit Shishodia
Nutrivarcity, which organized an Oral Cancer Awarenes Program in Delhi on January 11, 2019, gave insights into cancer-care to a large gathering. It was an informative talk show addressed by leading experts. They explained that it is not just tobacco products that cause oral cancer. Irritation caused by a sharp tooth, a broken tooth or artificial teeth, mostly ignored by patients, can also cause cancer.

Dr Prerna Taneja, Oral Cancer Specialist, Clinic Eximus, Delhi, told DTMT that a sharp tooth, part of a remaining broken tooth in the mouth, sharpness of wire of denture (artificial teeth) can cause injury that can lead to oral cancer.

“This irritation causes a blister, which exposes the inner layer. Everything which is consumed, or even the air, touches this exposed inner layer. This can lead to oral cancer. I have seen in my clinic that a patient facing this problem is diagnosed with oral cancer. However, it is not always necessary that this will definitely lead to oral cancer, but one should never ignore such a condition and get it checked up. It is a risk factor,” said Dr Taneja.

Dr Taneja said that one should also not ignore white and red lesions. Any ulcer, swelling and growth in the mouth must be taken seriously. They can also be risk factors for oral cancer. Biopsies are conducted for confirming the oral cancer.

Dr Taneja said that the lip's exposure to the sun can also cause oral cancer. Lips have only a slight keratin layer which makes it more sensitive and it gets exposed to the sun. Lipscreen should be used as a precaution. The impact of exposure to the sun on the lips varies from person to person.

Dr Srishti Arora, Delhi-based Dietician, recommends a bland diet for patients suffering from oral cancer. A bland diet includes spiceless food that does not irritate. It is rich in anti-oxidants and easily eatable.

“Not only bland but also veg rich protein is recommend for oral cancer patients. Such diets help in positive results in cancer treatment. Diet, healing, positivity and medicines in combination help in treatment of all cancers,” added Dt Arora.


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