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Rare case: Docs remove 7-month-old's duplicate intestine

Dr Anil Kumar PL
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Dr Anil Kumar PL

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Doctors at Bengaluru’s Sakra World Hospital (SWH) saved 7-month-old Rituraj by performing a surgical procedure to remove his abnormal intestine without damaging the normal one. The baby had ileal duplication, a rare congenital condition which forms gastrointestinal duplication.

In ileal duplication, there is duplication found in the intestine that leads to excessive production of digestive juices and acids and creates rupture in the intestine. The child was brought to hospital in a serious condition with complaint of breathing difficulty.

The child was severely anaemic with haemoglobin of 2gm. Haemoglobin normally remains between 13gm and 16 gm. The child was admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Dr Ravi Kiran, Senior Consultant, SWH, said that the baby's blood pressure reading was constantly low and his abdomen was tight. He was immediately put under mechanical ventilator while resuscitation and IV fluids were administered on him.

Dr Anisha Tandon, Pediatric Radiologist, SWH, said that once the condition of the child stabilized, an ultrasound and CT scan conducted. The reports revealed a hole in the intestine and his abdominal cavity was also filled.   

Post-resuscitation, the baby was taken for surgery wherein doctors found a lot of pus in the abdominal cavity. The infection was cleared out immediately, after which the doctors noticed duplication of the intestine.

Dr Anil Kumar PL, Senior Consultant-Paediatric Surgery, SWH, said that this was a rare scenario as the entire small intestine was duplicated and not just a portion of it. This extra intestine with an abnormal structure produces lots of acids which can lead to the perforation of the intestine.

After surgery, the baby was shifted to the PICU and was kept under ventilation for three days. Antibiotics were given for clearing the infection.


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