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New World Syndrome preventable with healthy lifestyle: Dr Garg

Dr Rakshit Garg
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Dr Rakshit Garg

Rohit Shishodia
New World Syndrome (NWS), a set of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases, can be prevented by avoiding sedentary lifestyle and intake of healthy diet that includes green and fiber rich food. According to an estimate, NWS affects nearly 75% of the global population.

Dr Rakshit Garg from the Department of Medicine at the Sushrut Trauma Centre of the Delhi Government told DTMT that NWS is a mixture of obesity, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and other lifestyle disorders.

NWS was recently named by the World Health Organization to make people aware of what lifestyle diseases are all about and what preventive steps they should take to protect themselves from these diseases.

Dr Garg asserted that there is an urgent need to fight NWS, which can be prevented by taking steps that lead to weight control. Adequate daily physical activity, sleep, not consuming junk food, avoiding smoking and alcohol, intake of a healthy diet including green veggies and fiber rich foods can reduce the chances of NWS, he said.

Dr Garg said that any person affected with any lifestyle disease should not start self medication. He needs to consult physician.

Dr Garg added that the influence of western lifestyle in India is also a major cause for NWS. Radical change in diet, sitting jobs and comfort travelling has reduced physical activity. Lack of physical activity, combined with stress, is a risk factor for NWS.

Dr Garg said that in India youngsters are also affected with NWS as instead of consuming a natural diet they take processed and oily food combined with cold drinks. These youngsters now come to the doctor with hypertension, obesity and diabetes, he shared.


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