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Fortis promotes awareness of hospital-acquired infections

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Dr Murali Chakravarthy, Chairman, Central Infection Prevention and Control Committee, Fortis Healthcare

NEW DELHI : The Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, organized a PANFORAnIC conference  to discuss infection prevention and control in hospitals, share knowledge on best practices and recent advances among specialties, taking priority measures and planning exchange training programmes.

“Increasing rates of bacteria that are resistant to existing treatments are reported world-wide, with hospitalized infants at high risk of developing drug-resistant hospital-acquired infections,” said Dr Murali Chakravarthy, Chairman, Central Infection Prevention and Control Committee, Fortis Healthcare.

Dr Chakravarthy stated, “The ultimate goal of the conference is to address the rising issue of anti-microbial resistance and to bring about a change in the antibiotic prescription patterns with focus on the safety of patients and the larger community.”

Other participants spoke about how they are not only working towards safer outcomes, but also behavioral change on using and preserving antibiotics.

The event brought together specialists, clinicians, microbiologists, anesthetists, nurses and other support groups to deliberate upon the challenges to successful outcomes around healthcare associated infections, effective strategies for their prevention and control, and some of the complex emerging problems like antibiotic resistance.

This conclave is held periodically among the delegates from hospitals across the Fortis network in India. Over the last few years it has become a part of the calendar for clinicians and key stakeholders to discuss and arrive at most effective measures of infection control.

The conclave witnessed paper presentations, interactive sessions, posters and other collaterals with key messages, quiz and workshops.


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