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PRP therapy helps woman to conceive despite hurdles

Dr Sagarika Aggarwal
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Dr Sagarika Aggarwal

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Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy helped a young sprinter to have a baby, after her in-laws decided to marry her husband to another girl just because she could not conceive.

The athlete started suffering from irregular menses for over six months. Doctors found that her endometrial lining was less than 6 mm against the standard 7-12 mm.

A body minimally requires 22% body fat to ovulate, which is necessary for conception. This was far less in the case of the woman due to which she was getting irregular menses. The is the reason that she could not bear a child even if she conceived.

Detailed investigation revealed that her overall body fat was less than the norm and her endometrial thickness was only around 5.9mm. The doctors at Indira IVF Hospital, Delhi, advised the patient for PRP therapy. This makes it possible to correct the complications without any surgery.

Under PRP therapy, a sample of blood is extracted from the patient’s own body. Platelets are separated through a process of centrifugation. The therapy promotes growth and hormonal balance. It also improves immunity in the body.

Dr Sagarika Aggarwal, Gynecologist, IVF Expert, Indira IVF Hospital, said that the patient was injected with 3-5 ml of PRP on 12th and 14th day of the therapy.

Dr Aggarwal added that significant growth was observed after the second session (5.8 to 6.8mm) after the 18th day the endometrial thickness was found to be 7.5 mm. This was enough to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. “The patient underwent IVF treatment and recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This therapy has become a boon for patients,” said Dr Aggarwal.


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