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Delhi woman gets rare third kidney transplant

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Patient Etika Kalra with her husband and children after third kidney transplant

NEW DELHI : A rare case of a ‘kidney transplant’ thrice on a single patient has been done in the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.

Patient Etika Kalra from Delhi has undergone kidney transplant three times since 2001. Ms Kalra, 45, got her first kidney transplant in 2001, when her elder sister Anshoo Walia donated her kidney. For more than a decade, the donated kidney served the patient well, but the life of a donated organ was limited.

By 2014, the patient again started facing kidney problems. Her other sister, Ritu Pahwa, then donated her kidney, which lasted for four years. But with no matching donor in her immediate family, time was running out for Ms Kalra. That is when the doctors who had conducted Etika’s second surgery suggested an ABO incompatible (non-matching) transplant.

Since her husband, Mr Tarun Kalra (non-matching) was willing to donate his kidney, Ms Kalra underwent a third successful kidney transplant recently at Apollo Hospitals, Delhi.

The operation was done by Dr. (Prof) Sandeep Guleria, (senior transplant surgeon) and his team.

“Surviving three kidney transplants takes an incredible amount of strength, endurance and faith. She did not lose hope and her strong will to live pushed her to not give up at any point. Her family's support was unwavering throughout,” said Dr Guleria.

Ms. Kalra recovered well after the surgery and the kidneys were functioning well. Doctors said she was likely to lead a healthy life to support her family.

“Even after the third transplant, the precautions I have to take are the same as before. The food I eat has to be hygienic and freshly prepared. Eating outside should be avoided, and it is essential to have medicine on time,” Ms. Kalra said.


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