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Bariatric surgery in AIIMS: Gurugram man loses 72 kilos

Mr. Rajpal
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Rajpal Before and After the Bariatric Surgery

Rohit Shishodia
Rajpal Solanki, 61, a resident of Gurugram, Haryana, thanked doctors at Delhi-AIIMS who performed bariatric surgery on him in August 2016 due to which he lost 72 kilogram weight. Solanki weighed 133 kg when he was operated. He lost six kilograms immediately after the surgery.  He kept losing weight thereafter and now has a weight of 61 kilos.

Like Solanki, there are many who came to Delhi-AIIMS and lost around 50 kilograms after bariatric surgery.

Solanki said that he has been following a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and physical activity since he was operated. Solanki told DTMT: “It is a new life gifted to me by doctors of Delhi-AIIMS through bariatric surgery. I had no ailments but my weight continued to increase that affected my routine work and life.”

Prof. Sandeep Aggarwal from the Department of Surgical Discipline, Delhi-AIIMS, told DTMT: “Bariatric surgery has become quite popular these days. But it requires life long care after the surgery. the patient has to come for follow up to maintain his or her weight. Most importantly, he has to engage himself in physical activities and consume adequate vitamins after the surgery.”

Dr Aggarwal added that bariatric surgery has come as a boon for patients as 80% percent patients who had undergone bariatric surgery had no need any longer for consuming medicines for various ailments, including diabetes.

“Bariatric surgery has a positive impact on patients affected with diabetes and sleep apnea. This surgery also positively impacts patients suffering from fatty liver, of which many people are unaware. Doctors are also not aware of it. 70% of obese patients have non-alcoholic fatty liver in various degrees from grade 1 to grade 4. This surgery is also beneficial in advanced liver disease, explained Dr Aggarwal.

Dr Aggarwal said that bariatric surgery has multiple benefits but it should be conducted after proper counseling and in a good hospital. The improvement has been seen even in patients suffering from grade 4 liver disease.


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