Most Ayurveda medicines unavailable in Delhi Hospital

Ayurveda medicines
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 Rohit Shishodia  
Patients turning up for Ayurveda treatment at Delhi’s Lal Bahadur Hospital have expressed unhappiness after they did not get prescribed medicines due to non-availability.

The medicines have not been available for a month and it is  expected that medicines will not be available any time soon.

A hospital pharmacist deputed at the pharmacy counter said that only 30 out of 70 Ayurveda medicines for different ailments are available. He further informed that the company which supplies medicines has stopped supplying them.

He added that the Delhi government has directed the company not to supply medicines due to various reasons. Meanwhile, the company has approached the court and the matter is still in court.

This has created a major shortage of important medicines which is affecting patient care. The patients, left with no option, have to buy medicines which are expensive.

A patient who did not get medicine at the hospital’s pharmacy counter said that this alternative treatment is slowly curing his ailment but non-availability of medicine has affected treatment.

“I got half the medicines when I came to the hospital last time and have to purchase the remaining medicines from the market. This time none of the medicines is available due to which I have to purchase all the medicines from the market. These medicines are expensive,” he added.


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