Apollo docs perform delivery after airplane makes landing

Doctors of Apollo Cradle
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Baby with doctors and nurses at Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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Doctors of Apollo Cradle, Hyderabad, performed a safe delivery of a baby at the Hyderabad Airport after a Philippines Airlines flight en route to Manila from Riyadh made an emergency landing at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

After the delivery, the doctors’ team transferred the mother and the baby with umbilical cord intact to the Apollo Cradle for further treatment. The flight made an emergency landing to provide medical assistance to the lady who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy and had labour pain.

A press release issued by the Apollo Cradle says that to tackle the risky pregnancy, a team of experienced obstetricians and nurses from Apollo Cradle were on standby post security checks at the airport, much prior to the flight's landing.

Once the flight landed, the team rushed to the seat where the mother was and performed the delivery of a baby girl. However, the umbilical cord was left intact, as the team could not carry the surgical blade necessary to sever the cord, due to security restrictions.

To provide further treatment to the baby and mother; who were both in a critical state of health, they were taken to Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills. After stabilizing them, the cord was cut with necessary aseptic precautions.

Dr C Suresh Kumar, Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Apollo Cradle, said that the mother and baby have since recovered.


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