Fortis Hospital's advisory on avoiding a heat stroke

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NEW DELHI : With day temperatures soaring much above 45 degrees centigrade across Delhi-NCR for the last few days, Fortis Healthcare has issued an advisory for the general public mentioning the preventive measures they should adopt, along with how to avoid heat stroke.

The advisory stated: “Hospitals are flooded with cases of heatstroke, heat cramps, dehydration which are being reported from across Delhi-NCR from all age groups. The most vulnerable are kids and the elderly.”

The hospital advised the general public to avoid staying outdoors for long duration: "Any form of direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided. People should not step out in the sun, especially between 12 pm and 3 pm," said the Fortis statement.

It advised that sunscreen lotion should be applied as well as umbrellas, caps and wet towels should be used while stepping out to avoid tanning and sunburn.

The advisory said that food hygiene should be maintained. One should take fluids such as lemon water and make sure the drink is cool and not ice-cold. One must avoid eating snacks and fried food from canteens or open kiosks to avoid food poisoning.

“Food and water-borne diseases are very common in this period. Only bottled/filtered water should be consumed outside home. Children should be made aware of these very important points and encouraged to wash hands regularly,” the advisory said.

It highlighted that vigorous physical activities should be avoided in hot and humid weather. If one feels weak or dizzy after exposure to the sun, one should immediately take water or nimbu paani with salt and retire to a shaded, cool place. Lie with your legs elevated for about half an hour to allow your body to recover and prevent fainting.


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