Attacks on doctors: Governments shirking responsibility

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Agitating doctors

 Anish Narda
The recent attacks on doctors in a government hospital in Kolkata have shown us how risky and tough the life of a doctor can be. The current situation of hospitals is really bad as protests keep happening against the doctors in which not only doctors get harmed, but also the general public.

Dr. Rupsa Banerjee, Senior Resident in Department of Community Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, while speaking to the DTMT, talked of the lack of responsibility the government takes in maintaining government hospitals. Doctors are not getting the equipment that they need to treat patients. How overworked a doctor is and how, sometimes, the doctors fail in successfully treating the patients which leads to the family of the patients going berserk and taking violent steps such as attacking the doctors in the hospital and whosoever comes in the way, is a matter to be resolved.

Lack of security in the hospitals makes it easier for the citizens to harm the doctors. This shows how the government does not take any responsibility of getting more security in order to save the doctors. Doctors work for many hours without break as there is a shortage of doctors and a huge number of patients.

Dr. Banerjee added: "The doctors constantly request the government for better equipment and security. The government's response is always 'yes' but it ends up never happening”. She, however, adds that it is not entirely the government's fault. The fault also lies with the people who take the law in their hands by attacking the hospitals when their family member passes away.

People bring patients to hospitals really late, which makes it harder for the doctor to treat the patient and save his/her life. People take out the anger by attacking the doctors as they feel the doctors didn’t do enough. The people feel neglected by the doctors but that is not true, as in hindsight the people and the doctors are both neglected by the government.

Sometimes doctors are unable to treat the patient as they don’t have the equipment which is necessary for treating the patients. In this case, the people blame the doctors and hence attack them. This also tells how narrow minded and uneducated our society is.

All of this also affects the future generation. Those who want to become doctors see the havoc that goes on in the hospitals and want to not pursue this line.

The government can fix this situation by taking just a few steps but they don’t as they seem to be having different priorities.


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