Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Cell Based Therapy helps woman with orthopedic ailment

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Dr Pradeep Mahajan

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36-year-old Ms Nita Khurana (name changed) with Avascular Necrosis of hip joint and Sickel Cell Anemia (SCA) got a new lease of life through Cell Based Therapy provided by Dr Pradeep Mahajan, Regenerative Medicine Researcher in Mumbai.

A patient suffering from AVN and SCA has constant body pain.  Due to the twin ailments, Ms Khurana stopped sitting on the floor as getting up would be a task for her. She was also unable to walk or stand for long periods as the pain would worsen, forcing her to rest or take medications for relief.

Leg pain gave a tough time to Ms Khurana, back in 2012. Soon, the pain became unbearable and she would find it difficult to stand for long or walk. She visited many orthopedics who advised her to undergo a hip replacement surgery.

Ms Khurana was not willing to go under the knife as she was aware of the risks of surgery due to her sickle cell status. Moreover, previously, she had undergone a laparoscopic surgery for a different systemic issue, which was followed by a difficult healing period.

She also experienced chest and back pain. She came in contact with Dr Mahajan in November 2018. Dr Mahajan said that living with SCA was challenging for her as she would often get tired, experience body pain, and was prone to infections.

Dr Mahajan added that she was also diagnosed with AVN, due to obstruction in the flow of blood to the hip joint. AVN can be termed as the death of the bone tissue due to interruption of the blood supply.

“Cells in our body are capable of self-renewal and regeneration of damaged structures. Therapy based on these cells and growth factors (consider them as nutrients for cells/tissues) follows the principle that our body has an innate regenerative potential. The main goal is to harness the potential of endogenous repair mechanisms to promote tissue regeneration,” explained Dr Mahajan.

“The patient underwent cell-based therapy and gradually noticed that her general body pain reduced considerably. Moreover, pain in her hip joint subsided, and she could freely move her legs. The patient was advised by the physiotherapist to exercise regularly in order to ensure flow of blood to the joint,” he added.


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