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Max Docs give 26-yr-old functionality in crushed arm

Dr Manoj Johar
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Dr Manoj Johar speaking to the press in Delhi

Doctors at Max Hospital, Patparganj, Delhi, helped a 26-year-old woman regain functionality in her right arm, which had been crushed and rendered non-functional.

Krity Kishore, a resident of Ghazipur, Delhi, was returning home on her two wheeler when a crane came crashing down on her right hand.

Her right hand was badly crushed, skin damaged, tissues distorted completely and bones and joints disoriented. The blood flow was obstructed which hampered the oxygen supply to the brain as well due to shock resulting from the accident.

In a state of shock, she was brought to Max Hospital. The patient was immediately taken for reconstruction surgeries and procedures to try and save her right limb. At the hospital, the doctors not only gave her a new lease of life, but also new hope.

Dr Manoj Johar, Director Reconstructive Surgery, told DTMT, “We have performed multiple reconstructive surgeries over a period of three months to restore her arm function. The first surgery lasted up to almost 8 hours. Most of her subsequent surgeries also took an equally long time.”

Dr Johar further explained, “The recovery took her two years but the love and support which she got from her family helped her to recover fast from the trauma.”

Doctors claimed the patient is recovering well and leading a healthy and happy life.  She was advised few specific post-operative precautions like physiotherapy, joint evaluations, divine interventions and alternative healing methodologies.


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