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New tech helps crawling woman walk after 15 years

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Paras hospital doctors with patient after successful surgery

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GURUGRAM : Sandhyawati, 50, from village Khosli, Rewari, Haryana, had been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 15 years. Her knees had been so badly damaged that for the last year or so they had assumed acute flexion deformity rendering her bedridden and unable to stand or walk at all.

Life had come to a standstill with no hope of walking ever again for the patient. Having been advised surgery at many hospitals in Haryana, she was referred to Paras Joint Replacement & Sports Injury Centre, Gurugram, Haryana.

In the hospital, Sandhyawati has got complete correction of deformity in about 10 days after surgery without suffering any complications to nerves and blood vessels. She is now able to bear her full weight and is walking with the support of walker. She does her exercises on her own without much help. She does not need a physiotherapist anymore.

“With the computer navigation and special soft tissue release techniques, it is possible to simplify the complexity of the procedure to make it safer and to allow correction of deformity easily in a few days of surgery without aggressive physiotherapy,” said Dr Vivek Logani, Chief, Paras Joint Replacement & Sports Injury Centre.

“The complexity of the surgery is enormous and risks of nerve and blood-vessel damage are very high”, added Dr Logani.

“There is a widespread need of awareness that Rheumatoid Arthritis is completely treatable if proper therapy is started early. Such severe deformities can be treated successfully with computer navigation technology and surgical knowledge”, said Dr Sumit Anand, Consultant, Paras Joint Replacement & Sports Injury Centre.


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