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Naturopathy helps US man lose 10kg in 20 days

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Dr. Babina J, CMO, Jindal Nature Institute

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BENGALURU : A 48-year-old US-based diabetic man weighing 112 kg and having health issues from diabetes to hypothyroidism, managed to lose 10 kg in just 20 days through a rigorous naturopathy and yoga based treatment.

The patient, Manoj Chaudhary from Massachusetts, was treated at Jindal Nature Institute (JNI), Bengaluru. Through a series of body detox and rejuvenating therapies, the treatment not only helped him lose weight but also bring down his blood sugar.

The patient felt extremely unhealthy when he reported to hospital, with excessive body weight, hypertension and diabetes making him feel lethargic. High levels of fatty acids and cholesterol worsened the condition, said a press statement from JNI.

“Correcting his obesity while controlling his hypertension and keeping his blood sugar in check were the main goals of our treatment programme,” said Dr. Babina J, CMO, JNI.

“We prescribed internal cleansing treatments. In the later weeks we prescribed therapies for fat mobilization and improving blood circulation, including a series of oil therapies. Simultaneously, fasting therapy was prescribed for detoxification and weight loss,” said Dr. Babina J CMO, JNI.

For the first four days after the patient was taken off his blood pressure medication, he experienced headaches, along with a cold and cough. This was quickly brought under control with the help of various natural therapies and a carefully structured and regimented diet.

His treatment programme also included an early morning walk for 45 minutes, followed by a Kriya, Yoga session and day-long therapies. He was also prescribed exercise at gym in the evening followed by aerobic exercises. He ended the day with a guided meditation session.

“Our treatment protocol helps people struggling with obesity and secondary complications to get in control of their bodies again without recourse to any drugs or any invasive procedure, such as bariatric surgery, which is often prescribed for morbid obesity,” said Dr. BTC Murthy, CMO, JNI.

By the end of the programme, Manoj overcame the initial discomfort, had lost 10 kg, reported feeling comfortable and energetic, and demonstrated a willingness to participate in day-to-day work.


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