Partial knee replacement is a boon, says expert

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Dr. Akhilesh Yadav, Head Joint Replacement Centre for Knee and Hip Care, Ghaziabad.

With more and more young patients suffering from ageing ailments, partial knee replacement becomes a good option. The beauty of the procedure is its adaptability to Indian cultural requirements of squatting and sitting cross-legged, says Dr. Akhilesh Yadav, Head, Joint Replacement Centre for Knee and Hip Care, Ghaziabad.

The main advantage of the partial knee replacement is that it preserves the ACL which is a crucial ligament for movement and knee stability unlike in the case of total knee replacement where it is sacrificed, said Dr Yadav.

Added advantage of the procedure is that the knee can still be converted to a full replacement if for any reason a revision surgery is envisaged, added Dr Yadav.

Unlike other invasive procedures, partial knee replacement can be performed through a small incision over the patient’s knee. It also helps in the preservation of our natural bone and tissue with more ideal patient-specific positioning, thereby giving a natural feel.

As it is mobile, the design can be customised conforming to the curve of the femur to spread the weight bearing capacity evenly thereby reducing its wear and stress.

As many as one in three young adults experience knee pain at some time or other, commonly caused by the imbalances in the muscles adjoining the knee which have an effect on the knee cap. The most common reason for the rise in pain is attributed to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.


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