Cleanliness drive in Motherhood Hospital, Noida

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Doctors and staff at the cleanliness drive event in Noida

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As part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a cleanliness drive was organised in Motherhood Hospital, Noida, in which doctors and staff of Noida Authority and Resident Welfare Association, Sector 48, participated.

The drive was organised to spread the message of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness very strongly so that clean India will deliver healthy India as doctors, healthcare institutions, hospitals and healthcare companies are the most prominent and important in our society which can influence better health and hygiene through such platforms.

Witnessing an enthusiastic participation from the citizens of the area, the drive was successful in awakening a collective voice that would work for the benefit of the environment. There is no bigger threat to humanity than that of the pollution-induced environmental change, which needs to be addressed systematically.

“This initiative is Motherhood’s tryst to create a better future and garners auspiciousness with the post-Diwali vigor running through us. Like cleansing the world of evil, let us strive to cleanse the world of pollution, one step at a time” said Dr. Sandeep Chadha, Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Motherhood Hospital, Noida.

“Heat-related illnesses caused by poor air quality, under nutrition from reduced food quality and security, and selected vector borne diseases, spell death knell for a developing nation like India. Steps like this cleanliness drive are a welcoming move towards avoiding the plight” said Mr. Kushal Pal, Ex Director Noida Authority.

 “Auspicious events like Diwali are proving to be a burden for the environment as this year also noted a major depletion in the standard of air quality. This initiative, in association with the hospital, is a move towards reversing the bad effects and improving the environment” said Mr Dinesh Bhatti, the president of RWA, sect- 48.


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