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The Drug Today Medical Times, a complete health-based newspaper, seeks to bring healthcare out of the closet. The newspaper, a first of its kind, operates at a pan-India level with a focus on medical issues beyond the professional domain, is an attempt to generate interest in medicine and healthcare among the readers through news and features in a simple but lucid style which a layman would find comprehensible and interesting.

From a core group of healthcare professionals, the newspaper has brought the discipline into the public domain. With basic information to latest developments in the field of health and hygiene, it keeps you well-equipped to address your day-today requirements for a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy life. It would be of interest to one and all.

In order to meet its goal, the Drug Today Medical Times has set for itself the twin objective of guiding the readers through healthcare on the one hand and providing a platform to share their knowledge and experience on the other.

The Drug Today Medical Times (DTMT), a newspaper that promises to open up newer and varied vistas of business prospects for you.

Dedicated to the cause of healthcare and medical sciences, the newspaper covers news and information about medical institutions, pharmaceuticals and related fields

About the paper

• A comprehensive health-related newspaper

• Covers latest developments in the field of medicine and healthcare

• Keeps the reader abreast of healthcare schemes of the government

• Informs him/her about statutory rules, regulations and guidelines

• Provides a platform to medical professionals and experts, and a common health-conscious Indian citizen.

Readership profile

• The DTMT boasts of a vast readership across the board

• The readers with an excellent purchasing power for high-end products

• The readership comprises doctors, nurses, paramedics, researchers, chemists and medical experts and a common health conscious citizen.

The Drug Today Medical Times is being published under the aegis of Drug Today, the South Asia’s most sought after medical journal of its kind, for the past 25 years.




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