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Deca Peptide

Deca Peptide

Deca Peptide is a synthetic peptide used as a repigmenting agent for skin conditions such as vitiligo and other pigmentation disorders. It is believed to stimulate melanogenesis, promoting the production of melanin to restore skin pigmentation in affected areas.


-Treatment of vitiligo and other skin pigmentation disorders -Stimulating melanogenesis to restore natural skin color


-Dosage should be determined and monitored by a healthcare professional. -Typically administered through topical application or injections. -Follow the recommended treatment regimen provided by a healthcare provider.


-Known hypersensitivity or allergy to Deca Peptide or its components -Open wounds or active skin infections in the treatment area -Pregnancy or breastfeeding (consult a healthcare professional)

Special Precautions

-Monitor for skin irritation or allergic reactions. -Use under the guidance of a healthcare professional. -Protect treated skin from excessive sunlight exposure.

Side Effects

-Potential for skin irritation or redness -Allergic reactions or hypersensitivity -May cause hyperpigmentation in some cases

Drug Interactions

-Potential interactions with other topical or systemic medications -Consult a healthcare professional regarding possible drug interactions.

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