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HEPATITIS B immunoglobulin

HEPATITIS B immunoglobulin

HBIG provides immediate passive immunity for those individual with acute exposure to HBsAg positive blood/blood derivatives. It does not interfere with generation of antibody response to hepatitis B vaccine.


Prophylaxis of hepatitis B after exposure to HBsAg, for prophylaxis of hepatitis B in neonates born to HBsAg positive mothers.


Following exposure to HBsAg: Adult: 1000-2000 i.u. intramuscularly. Children: 32-48 i.u./Kg of body weight. HBIG should be administered within 7 days after exposure to HBsAg preferably within 48 hours. Neonates: Initial dose 100-200 i.u. The first dose should be administered within 5 days after birth preferably within 48 hours and booster dose should be 32-48 per Kg of body weight.


No specific contraindication. Special precautions: History of previous systemic allergy. HBIG should be given intramuscularly.

Side Effects

Transient mild pain at the site of injection, itching.

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