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Rabies vaccine

Rabies vaccine

Rabies vaccines which are used for active immunisation against rabies may be used as part of post exposure treatment. It may also be used as preexposure prophylaxis against rabies in high risk persons like dog handlers etc. Rabies vaccines may be : i.Purified chick embryo cell rabies vaccines. ii. Inactivated Rabies vaccine. iii. Human Diploid Cell Rabies Vaccines.


For immunization against rabies after exposure and for prophylactic vaccination against rabies before exposure.


Vaccine should be given intramuscular in the deltoid region only. (a) pre-exposure (Before exposure): 3 dose i.m. injections on day 0, day 7, day 28. A booster dose after 1 year and 1 dose after every 5 years. In case of subsequent exposure, only 2 doses af D0 and D3 provide protection, if proper previous vaccination status is available. (b)Post-exposure : After exposure start immediately a full course of treatment for both adults and children consists of 5 injections on days 0 (day of exposu


For immunization after exposure none. For prophylaxis postpone in pregnancy. Hypersensitivity to consitituents of vaccine.

Special Precautions

Pateints receiving immunosuppressive therapy.

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