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Nestlé India launches program to strengthen awareness on obesity

Nestlé India on March 7, 2023 launched ‘Opt2Win’ program to enable people to live healthier lives on the occasion of World Obesity Day.

Opt2win is a multi-pronged program scheduled to run through the year, covering the cause, concerns and providing systemic solutions on weight-management. It will include various on-ground and digital activations, wellness programs, weight management protocols with healthcare professionals.

Nestle India stated that Nestlé Health Science has roped in strategic partners, health and wellness platforms and healthcare professionals to drive awareness and elicit positive action through the program.

As per the available data, the prevalence of obesity among Indians increased in 2019-21 compared to 2015-16. Nearly one in every four people is overweight compared to one in every five earlier. Obesity is a growing concern and a leading cause of several non-communicable and progressive diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Mansi Khanna, Head, Nestlé India Health Science, said “As a global leader in the science of nutrition, our constant endeavor is to introduce innovative programs and products in India, promising a healthier future. Over the last few decades, we have actively engaged in developing nutritional therapies to help improve conditions like obesity and the quality of life of patients with such conditions.”

“Opt2win program is designed to address the growing problem of obesity and weight management challenges in India. Powered by our Nestlé Optifast range which is a scientifically developed meal replacement product, we are quite excited with the potential difference such a multi-faceted program can make in the lives of the people around us,” she added.

 The company said that in order to expand the reach of this program nationally, Nestlé India will be setting up an OPTIFAST center of excellence for weight management in 25 clinics across locations such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Chennai.

“These clinics will focus on driving awareness and engagement through workshops, patient monitoring and consultations, engaging medical experts. Nestlé India will also be identifying and engaging with select opinion leaders and industry experts across the country to train 400 KOLs in weight management protocols and metabolic health management based on global standards,” the company added.

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