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Indian Forest Service officials visit AIIA to get updated on Ayurveda's Healing Power

About 50 Indian Forest Service officers from various batches visited the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) as part of a career training programme organised by Dehradun-based Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy. The tour allowed the officers to learn about Ayurveda, its importance in forest conservation and healing.

A special event for the officers during the programme was held, attended by eminent guests and AIIA officials, including Special Secretary of the Ministry of Ayush, Mr Pramod Kumar Pathak, Director of AIIA, Prof. (Dr) Tanuja Nesari, Mr Chandrashekhar Sanwal, Deputy Chief Executive of the National Medicinal Plant Board, IGNF Prof. Kalunge Gorakh Waman, and the Dean of the institute Dr Anand More.

Addressing the gathering Mr Pathak highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Ayush and the Ministry of Health in promoting public health.

He expressed confidence that all the new AIIMs across the country will have integrated OPDs soon. 

Emphasising that Ayurveda has immense therapeutic value and that it is useful for all with simple lifestyle management, Mr Pathak added that significant growth of the global market for Ayurvedic medicines, which has increased from three billion dollars in 2014-15 to $18 billion in 2021. Mr Pathak expressed optimism that with the continued expansion of the Ayurveda market, the target of 25 billion dollars will soon be achieved.

Speaking on the occasion, Director AIIA Prof. (Dr.) Tanuja Nesari, who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Medicinal Plant Board, expressed her gratitude to the forest officials for their vital role in the conservation of medicinal trees and plants.

She emphasised that 80% of the high-quality raw materials used in medicines are sourced from forests, underscoring the officers' contribution to this important aspect.

Highlighting the National Medicinal Plant Board's contribution to the manufacturing of quality medicines, Deputy Chief Executive Mr Chandrashekhar Sanwal said that the collaboration between the board and the forest departments across the country is playing a pivotal role in making high-quality Ayurvedic medicine possible.

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