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Menarini announces its expansion in Indian aesthetics market

Menarini India, part of the Menarini Group, an Italian biopharmaceutical company, has recently announced its expansion into the Indian aesthetics market.

The company has said that with a strong commitment to continuous innovation and addressing the unique needs of Indian consumers, the company has introduced ‘Definisse® Core Filler’ to the country, strengthening its comprehensive range of fillers and threads from RELIFE - a part of the Menarini group. 

“The introduction of 'Definisse® Core Filler' is a testament to the company's premium scientific-based innovation, in delivering transformative aesthetic experiences,” the company added. 

Headquartered in Italy, together Menarini and RELIFE offer aesthetics physicians and surgeons a holistic approach to cosmetic medicine to attain effortlessly radiant skin for patients, through a combination of exclusive, skilfully crafted products and techniques. The company holds a strong and promising future for the aesthetics market in India, as it stands out as a long-term serious player with a rich legacy more than 135 years.

The company informed that the 'Definisse® Core Filler' launch involved 75 key aesthetic dermatologists, cosmetologists, and cosmetic surgeons across India, who were given hands-on training in utilising the new filler effectively to equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Mr. Girisan K, Managing Director – Menarini Group said, "At Menarini, we foster a harmonious fusion of science, innovation, and expertise to unlock new dimensions of possibilities for patients seeking transformative aesthetic experiences. The launch of Definisse® Core Filler is one of the many ongoing efforts of our long-term mission to revolutionise the aesthetic landscape in India and provide advanced solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy."

"We aim to provide healthcare professionals with a complete range of solutions, covering fine lines, delicate areas, and the ability to shape and enhance facial contours like never before. Additionally, we provide complete offerings with the fillers & threads (PLCL) and plan to launch a new hydro booster in the near future," he added. 


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