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Dr Ashish Saini

Diabetes is now affecting rural population too

Diabetes, which used to be the disease of urban areas, is gradually gripping the rural population too, Dr Ashish Saini, Diabetologist at Kailash Deepak Hospital said on the occasion of World Diabetes Day.

Dr. Saini stated in an interview with Drug Today Medical Times that the decrease in physical activity and change in lifestyle among rural populations has led to an increased risk of diabetes. 

Dr. Saini provided an explanation of the causes of diabetes, stating that the first is that insulin production begins to decline prior to the diagnosis of diabetes, and the second is the insulin resistance. Diabetes has these two main causes.

"We require insulin to convert glucose to energy, and when inulin production is insufficient, glucose levels rise and leads to diabetes," he continued.

Regarding the developments in treatment, Dr. Saini mentioned that certain medications helps in reducing risk of complications related to diabetes. These medications assist in controlling diabetes as well as maintaining healthy kidney and heart function. These medications help with weight control as well.

Certain insulin last only for 4 hrs and some upto  42 hours after injection. Insulin pumps are now available as well.

He explained how diabetes affects our bodies by saying, "Diabetes affects our blood vessels." 

Diabetes raises cholesterol and the risk of clotting. It has an impact on the macro and micro vasculature of our body. Diabetes is the leading causes of blindness, heart diseases, chronic renal disease, neuropathy  and amputation of the foot.

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