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Video grab of monkeys rushing out of the AC Office at RML Hospital

Monkeys invade accounts section at RML hospital

The staff at Account Section One found themselves in an awkward position when two cheeky monkeys decided to pay them an unexpected visit in a thrilling escapade just across from the Director and Medical Superintendent at RML Hospital! 

The working mood took an unexpected turn as the monkeys entered the room, catching everyone off guard. The unexpected monkey business kept the entire RML Hospital crew on their toes for a while!

The monkeys hopped onto chairs and tables in the office, causing quite a commotion. Work had to be put on hold for a short while. People became concerned, and some security personnel rushed to scare the monkeys away. Fortunately, the monkeys went on their own after a few minutes and did not injure anyone. 

A security guy near the MS office remarked that monkeys causing havoc in the hospital is quite common. When the monkeys appear, everyone, including doctors, healthcare professionals, patients, and security guards, gets a little scared. After a few minutes, attracted by the commotion, a black cat was seen rushing towards the office.

It may be noted that monkey menace is restricted to RML only. This problem exists in all central government-run hospitals including AIIMS.

It is learned that many times monkeys have bitten patients but no concrete has been done to tackle this menace.

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