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Contemporary Nasal Spray Solutions

How useful are contemporary nasal spray solutions?

For getting relief from stuffy nose-related breathing difficulties and respiratory issues, nasal sprays are the most well-known important solutions. Excessive usage of nasal is dangerous, hence understanding every science and facts about nasal sprays is essential.

Relationship between nasal sprays demands
Current emerging respiratory infections require improved outbreak control preparedness. Additional protective measures can be received from intranasal antibody prophylaxis. Immediate vulnerability of high-risk individuals can be limited by the usage of antibody-based antiviral nasal sprays. It also helps reduce the development of effective active immunization and antiviral treatment time.

The current accelerating emerging trend of nasal sprays
Nasal disturbances

Sneezing, pruritus, rhinorrhoea & nasal congestion are well-known nasal complication symptoms. Currently common nasal diseases and allergic diseases include sinusitis, nasal & sinus polyps, smell & taste disorders, rhinitis, asthma and eczema. A few new diseases are also popping up such as allergic rhinitis, mucoceles of para nasal sinuses, wegener's granulomatosis, sarcoidosis and churg-strauss. These diseases need equal attention & focused interventions.
Interest & research in drug delivery through the nose for systemically acting therapies targeting nasal turbinates is growing rapidly. These are ideal pathways for systemic drug delivery.

Nasal Spray are non invasive and avoids First pass metabolism
Olfactory epithelium area is large with vascular and lymphatic vessels in nasal mucosa. Drug molecules post neuronal uptake, move through axons -synapse - olfactory bulb. From here via neuronal pathways transported to the brain.
Hence drugs are not metabolized first in the hepatic area and there is rapid absorption. There is a blood-barrier bypass & direct drug delivery to the brain. It reduces systemic adverse effects, have higher bioavailability. The nasal spray range (20-200 microns) droplets provide a prominent positive therapeutic effect.
Why in future Nasal Spray usage will surge?
In the 2021 post-pandemic, the ENT market had shown a rebound increase. This spiked  a fast medication supply from the pharmaceutical industry to meet patient medicine demands.
Nasal Spray Market research
In 2021 nasal spray market size was valued at 15.12 Billion USD. By 2030 it is projected to reach by 24.88 Billion USD with a growth rate at CAGR of 5.59% (2022-2030).
The global nasal spray market is segmented into seven notable segments
1.    Product type
          ●    Decongestion nasal spray (Oxymetazoline, Xylometazoline, Naphazoline)
        ●    Steroid nasal spray
        ●    Salt water solution/saline nasal spray
          ●    Others
2.    Pumps
         ●    Snap On
         ●    Crimp On
         ●    Squeez Bottel
3.    Therapeutic class
        ●    Antihistamine (Azelastine)
        ●    Corticosteroids (Ciclesonide, Mometasone furoate, Fluticasone furoate)
        ●    Saline (Isotonic, Hypotonic, Hypertonic, Ringer’s lactate solution)
        ●    Mast cell inhibitors
        ●    Anticholinergic
        ●    Vaccines (Live attenuated influenza virus)
4.    Prescription/availability
        ●    Over the counter (OTC)
        ●    Prescribed
5.    End user
        ●    Home care setting
        ●    Hospitals
        ●    Clinics
        ●    Community Healthcare Centers
Therapeutic category in Nasal Spray
Unit-dose nasal spray availability has increased due to a rise in prescribed systemic drugs which were earlier administered as injectables. It's One-shot spray usage is making it more user-friendly among the broader patient population & different end-user groups.
Different nasal spray molecules requested by patients & disposed of by pharmacists include alpha agonists, corticosteroids, alpha agonists antihistamines, saline isotonic solutions & marine or hypertonic solutions. This is strictly regulated by government-imposed drug regulations.
Expected growth forecast in the nasal spray market is due to rise in allergic rhinitis, infections & changing lifestyles.
For swelling, inflammation, and mucus secretion in the nasal cavity, corticosteroids are the 1st line of therapy.
New pipeline products from generic companies are also growing as currently, 65% of topical treatments are generics.
Available topical treatments are OTC. For strengthening and ensuring patient safety, stringent OTC regulations and Rx drug dossier requirements have become mandatory.
Benefits of Nasal Spray in comparison to other dosage forms
1.    The nasal route is non-invasive
2.    Does not require healthcare professionals or doctors’ assistance
3.    During rapid onset, it can be self-administered by the patient
4.    Easy to use and not like injectables
5.    Compared to oral medication provides better drug bioavailability because it avoids the hepatic first-pass effect
Market Growth Worldwide
“Maximum” drug products are nasal applications and hence the ENT market is estimated at 2.9 billion devices. Third party manufacturing is an excellent solution for businesses looking to enter the nutraceutical industry.
Need for Nasal Spray
Nasal spray shows increased patient acceptance, improved adherence & compliance because these devices are needle-free and hassle-free to use.

Age-wise category use
Frequency of decongestant nasal spray use stratified by age groups. (B) Percentages of frequent users for each age group.
Age 0-17 years
●    Almost 53% prefer to use nasal sprays and never & often usage is more and very often demand is low.
18-35 years
●    75% use nasal sprays, mostly very often followed by often & never.
36-60 years
●    64% go for nasal spray medication, which is very often, then sometimes & often
61-75 years
●    77% need nasal sprays, especially often & very often.
76-84 years
●    65% require nasal sprays, majorly often & very often
>85 years
●    Only 43% choose nasal sprays, largely never, followed by often & very often.
Top Nasal Spray Manufacturer in India
Nose issues & discomforts are very well treated by nasal sprays and companies dominating in this sector in India are.

Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Limited

Biodeal Pharmaceuticals is becoming one of the most evident nasal spray manufacturers in India due to its comprehensive premium quality-nasal spray range. It is offering expert designed safe products to customers to help them enhance their quality of life. It covers all nasal complications, disease indications and seasonal allergies across the country.
Founded in 2007, Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing plant is Located in Himachal Pradesh, is a globally providing high-quality based and WHO-GMP approved Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and nutraceuticals products. The company has expanded significantly and as of today, it has note worthy quality industrial bas across all categories. Alog with manufacturing Tablet, Capsules, Cream, Ointment, Powder, Lotion, Sachet and Dry Powder Inhalers it has branched out  its services as a prominent
Nasal Spray Manufacturer in India.

Contact :- [email protected]
Address :- Unit No. 007, Lower Tower A, Floor S2, Urbtech Trade Center, Sector-132, Noida Expressway Noida-201305, India.
2.     Innvexia Life Sciences
3.     Lifevision Healthcare
4.     Maya Biotech
5.     Henin Lukinz

There is an urgent growing demand & future interest for local-acting and systemic treatments within the nasal route. Platforms are required with an integrated end-to-end approach to enable the company to support and bring drug-device nasal combination solutions to the patient. Optimal nasal spray companies as holistic partners to help patients with increasing demand rush are the need of the era.

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