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5 arm Mantra 3

Made in India robotic surgery system could lead to a paradigm shift in health equity

One of India's foremost medical tech companies, SS Innovations, has shown off the SSI Mantra 3, a high-tech surgical robot system that will lower the cost of care and make it easier for more people to get it. This big step towards making robotic surgery easier to get will help a lot of people, especially those in the Global South.

The SSI Mantra 3 system builds on the success of its predecessors by adding a lot of new features that are meant to make surgery more precise and improve patient outcomes. Thanks to five thinner robotic arms and an immersive 3D HD headset, surgeons can see and control the surgery better than ever before. The surgical team can work more precisely and clearly with a 3D/44K vision cart.

"Today is a big step on our way to changing the healthcare industry and spreading excellence across the country," said Dr Sudhir Srivastava, founder and CEO of SS Innovations, at the event. We finished the first soft tissue telesurgery trial on a person in India and today we released SSI Mantra 3. This shows that we are still dedicated to making robotic surgery more accessible and incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies. These successes support our belief that our technology has the potential to change the way healthcare is provided all over the world.

The launch happened at the same time as India's first successful telesurgery trial on a person. The system used was SSI Mantra 3. For this test, Airtel's fiberoptic network connected SSI Headquarters to the World Laparoscopy Hospital so that a robotic cholecystectomy could be done from five kilometres away. There was no wait that could be seen, and the procedure went perfectly. This shows how telesurgery can be used to help people in remote areas get high-quality medical care. This is in line with the "Make in India" campaign and promotes Indian innovation around the world.

"The Mantra 3 system is powerful enough to extend surgeons' reach and improve their efficiency," said Dr. Fredric Moll, the visionary founder of Intuitive Surgical and new Board Member and Vice Chairman of SS Innovations. It was easy to catch his excitement about the news. The fact that I work for SSI and help run this cutting-edge robotic system makes me very happy.

Robotic surgery is expected to change for the better with the SSI Mantra 3 system because it lowers costs and makes cutting-edge surgical equipment easier to get. SS Innovations wants to lower the costs of high-tech surgery so that everyone can afford it. The people and hospitals in the Global South will gain the most from this. Cuts the size of a fingertip can be made with this system. Patients say they are in less pain, bleed less, get better faster, and stay in the hospital longer. All of these are big benefits for the patients.

"SSI has really made the future of India possible with the launch of SSI Mantra 3," said Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, a board director at SS Innovations and former director of the ISRO Satellite Centre. This was an important event in history. Indian medical science came together to make the Mantra 3 system, which brings Indian innovation to surgeons all over the world. This low-cost idea was definitely needed in India.

As per Dr. Annadurai, Indian patients spend more than 60% of the cost of their medicines and pay for their own travel to get better care. He went on to say, "This system has the potential to cut OOPE by a lot in two ways." 

"People living in tier 2 or 3 cities can get good care without having to travel to larger cities, and because recovery from surgery is quick and complications are rare, drug-induced OOPEs can be significantly reduced," he said.

"What more, as we continue to achieve the volume of scale, the cost of robotic surgeries is going to come down even further as the capital costs are bound to come down, thereby ensuring better equity in terms of healthcare access to the lowest rungs of our society," he added.

Because it is so fast and accurate, the SSI Mantra 3 system has a lot of potential for many types of heart surgery and other procedures. Adding business leaders like Dr. Moll to SS Innovations' executive team shows that the company is dedicated to long-term success and constant innovation in the medical device market.

Narayana Healthcare's founder and chairman, Dr. Devi Shetty, summed up the effect: "This is truly a remarkable achievement, showing India's progress in the field of robotics." I wish that one day Mantra will be an important part of all operating rooms.

In the world of robotic surgery, SS Innovations' release of SSI Mantra 3 is a big deal. Cutting-edge technology that is easy to get and doesn't cost much could make it easier for everyone to get high-quality surgical care, especially people in developing countries.

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