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RGCIRC Advances Breast Cancer Care at Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024

The "Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024," recently held in India's Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC), brought together doctors, researchers, and scientists from across the world to talk about the newest findings in the fight against breast cancer. 

Chairman Rakesh Chopra funded the expenses, and the meeting subjects included precision medicine, patient-centred care, and novel pharmaceuticals. Participants were able to openly share ideas and work together thanks to the event's practical workshops and panel discussions. Many were intrigued by the possibility of immunotherapy and precision medicine as therapies for advanced breast cancer, early-stage metastatic breast cancer, and triple-negative breast cancer.

Renowned doctors shared their experiences with cyclin inhibitor pills and the targeted treatment pembrolizumab, as well as other immunotherapies and cancer medicines. Also covered were the most recent developments in breast cancer surgery and pharmaceutical treatment.

"The Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024 was a great way for professionals to learn from each other and keep up with the latest research and clinical practices around the world," commented Dr. D. C. Doval, chair of medical oncology and chief of breast and thoracic services at RGCIRC, who also served as the conference chairman. He emphasised the critical nature of these kinds of locations. Our combined efforts to combat breast cancer should provide better results for patients. We can beat breast cancer much faster if we band together. 

An expert in medical oncology at RGCIRC, Dr. Pankaj Goyal, remarked, "Our goal is to make sure that the newest findings in breast cancer research are quickly used in patients." So said Goyal. Research and patient care have achieved tremendous progress as a result of this summit, and we hope to keep this momentum going. 

The dynamic panel talks covered a range of topics, including high-risk and metastatic breast cancer, the changing role of immunotherapy in cancer treatment, and more. Speakers at the event included well-known doctors, scientists, and oncologists. 

Medical director Dr. (Prof.) Sudhir Kumar Rawal emphasised the significance of the conference in linking research with patient care. The RGCIRC's medical oncology director, Dr. Vineet Talwar, benefited from the meeting. Dr. A.K. Dewan, Director of Surgical Oncology at RGCIRC, stated that the school continues to prioritise the complicated issues related to breast cancer. 

The Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024 has changed the way researchers and breast cancer treatment providers work together. A study that demonstrated the positive effects of new ideas and information exchange on patient care has improved the prognosis for breast cancer treatment in India.

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