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Major Merger Announced in Cancer Care: M | O | C and HOC-Vedanta Join Forces

In a landmark move set to revolutionize cancer treatment in Western India, M | O | C Cancer Care & Research Center and Hemato Oncology Clinic-Vedanta (HOC) have announced their merger. The new entity, M | O | C - HOC-Vedanta, is now one of the largest networks dedicated to cancer care and research in India, promising timely access to advanced treatments and compassionate care at sustainable costs.

Enhancing Cancer Care Excellence

Dr. Ashish Joshi, Medical Oncologist and promoter of MOC, emphasized the merger's goal of enhancing cancer care standards. "This merger isn't just about adding beds; it's about building a powerhouse for cancer care across Western India. By joining forces with HOC-Vedanta, we're setting the stage for a whole new level of excellence. We'll be standardizing care across all our centers, ensuring every patient receives the highest quality, evidence-based treatment available," said Dr. Joshi.

A representative from HOC-Vedanta highlighted the merger's potential to drive innovation in cancer treatment. "The fight against cancer just got a major boost. By joining forces with M | O | C, we're creating a powerhouse for innovation. Imagine large-scale clinical trials, exploring groundbreaking new therapies and maximizing the potential of existing ones. This collaboration will be a game-changer for cancer care in India and beyond."

A Powerful Network for Comprehensive Care

The merger brings together a formidable team of 40 medical oncologists and hematologists, poised to serve over 22,000 cancer patients and administer 60,000 chemotherapy treatments annually. This extensive network includes 22 community cancer care centers strategically located throughout Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat, ensuring widespread access to top-quality cancer care.

Expanding Horizons

Looking ahead, M | O | C - HOC-Vedanta plans to expand its operations to other parts of India, with the aim of providing the best-quality cancer care nationwide. This commitment to comprehensive care and financial backing underscores their dedication to offering not just treatment, but also hope and healing for patients and their families.

Support and Investment

The merger was supported by crucial advisory and legal counsel from Caltius Ventures (Ahmedabad) and JSA for HOC-Vedanta, and from Affluence Advisors (Mumbai) and AZB for M | O | C. Additionally, a significant $10 million investment from the Tata Capital Healthcare Fund in January 2023 has been instrumental in M | O | C's efforts to make world-class cancer care accessible to all, regardless of location or financial status.

The M | O | C - HOC-Vedanta merger marks a significant leap in Indian cancer care. With their combined expertise, extensive network, and unwavering commitment to accessibility, they are well-positioned to transform the lives of countless patients and families nationwide.

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