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Boehringer Ingelheim launches a new biomass power plant to reduce CO2 emissions.

German pharmaceutical major Boehringer Ingelheim opened a new biomass power plant at its Ingelheim site to help the company use energy more efficiently and reduce its impact on the environment.

In a statement, the company stated that the biomass powerplant will help it save about 50,000 tonnes of CO2. Each year, it will cut the site’s CO2 emissions by 70%.

Boehringer Ingelheim further stated that it is investing EUR 205 million in these eco-friendly projects, aiming to use renewable energy for 95% of its power needs.

Michael Schmelmer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, called the new plant a "significant milestone" for the company.

"Part of our sustainability goals is to protect natural resources so that our earth remains a place worth living in for people and animals. With an environmentally friendly and more independent energy supply, we are ensuring stable production in order to be able to deliver medications to patients worldwide," he added.

German Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck and Rhineland-Palatinate Environment Minister Katrin Eder were also present at the firing of the powerplant, and while hailing the efforts, Robert Habeck said, "The decarbonisation of all areas of our economy is necessary in order to achieve global climate targets on the one hand and a reduction in energy imports on the other.”

Pointing out that Boehringer Ingelheim is setting a good example of this, he added, “The company uses renewable energies for production. It trains and attracts talent, making it an attractive employer. Last but not least, it invests heavily in research and development, thus contributing to better healthcare and future proofing of the site."

Biomass is an important renewable energy source. It is considered almost CO2-neutral. The waste wood used as fuel in Ingelheim comes from the Rhine-Main region and meets strict quality standards.

Boehringer Ingelheim said that it aims to make its operations CO2-neutral by 2030. The company is working on numerous projects around the world to save energy. For example, by building more energy-efficient buildings in Ingelheim, it has saved about 25% of energy per square meter of floor space. Since 2023, the company has also operated its own solar park. Several other Boehringer Ingelheim sites, including those in Dortmund (Germany), Gainesville (USA), Zhangjian (China), and Sant Cugat (Spain), are already carbon neutral.

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