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Resident Doctors at GTB Hospital Strike Following Violent Threats

Resident doctors at Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) Hospital in Delhi have initiated an indefinite strike after three senior colleagues in the Gynecology Department's labor room were violently threatened.

In a press release, the Resident Doctors Association (RDA) of GTB Hospital reported that 50-70 armed individuals stormed the department, threatening staff, breaking doors, and causing widespread chaos. This violent intrusion has jeopardized the safety of medical personnel and patients alike.

"We, the senior and junior residents of UCMS and GTB Hospital, are deeply outraged by this incident. Effective immediately, we are on strike until our demand for an institutional FIR is met. During this period, only emergency services will be operational," the RDA's statement declared.

Dr. Nitish Kumar, President of the Resident Doctors Association at GTB, explained that the three threatened resident doctors, all women, were menaced by relatives of a patient who died from postpartum complications.

In an interview with Drug Today Medical Times, Dr. Kumar recounted the tragic incident. "Despite our best efforts, the woman could not be saved due to severe blood loss. Following her death, her relatives, armed with sharp weapons, forcefully banged on the doctors' door, hitting it so hard that one of the doctors was struck on the head."

Dr. Kumar added that the assailants are still at large within the hospital premises, continuing to threaten the doctors. "We demand the registration of an institutional FIR against the relatives. Until this happens, we will remain on strike, with only emergency services operational," he asserted.

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