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Biostate AI Launches Total RNA Sequencing & OmicsWeb Copilot for RNAseq Data Analysis

Biostate AI, a scalable biodata foundry firm, has introduced two unique service offerings: Total RNA Sequencing and OmicsWeb Copilot for RNAseq Data Analysis. The business, which has emerged from stealth, plans to work with academic researchers, hospital biorepositories, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop scalable multi-omic data collection, scientific discovery, and AI training.

Total RNA sequencing analyses all forms of RNA in an affordable and thorough manner, using Biostate AI's patent-pending Barcode-Integrated Reverse Transcription (BIRT) technology. Total RNA sequencing includes data from 300,000 non-coding RNA species, such as long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), microRNAs (miRNAs), and circular RNAs. This is different from traditional RNA sequencing, which only looks at about 30,000 messenger RNA species. Biostate AI has nine pending patents for its technologies and works with industry partners, including Twist Biosciences. The company also recently in-licensed intellectual property from the California Institute of Technology to broaden its biomolecule analysis capabilities.

OmicsWeb Copilot helps biologists analyse and visualise data. It uses cutting-edge large-language models (LLMs) to understand user requests and create tailored software and scripts for data analysis. Users can analyse their own uploaded data and access over 1,000 distinct RNAseq datasets curated by Biostate AI. University and nonprofit researchers can access Copilot, fine-tuned using 5,000 proprietary RNAseq datasets, for free, enabling comprehensive analytics and anomaly detection.

"Large amounts of relevant and high-quality data are required for effective AI training. Biostate AI has created instrumental technologies to help capture more biological data at lower costs, and we are excited to offer these capabilities to academic and industry partners and collaborators', said David Zhang, Co-Founder and CEO of Biostate AI.

"Biostate AI's technique will significantly cut the quantity of animal testing used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses in preclinical investigations. "We are proud to support Caltech alumni David and Ashwin through financial investment and intellectual property licensing," stated Fred Farina, Caltech's Chief Innovation and Corporate Partnerships Officer.

"As a US company, Biostate's affordable AI-embedded CRO services are in high demand today, as the supply of preclinical research services shrinks due to geopolitical tensions." Simultaneously, Biostate's ultimate vision of personalised AI to forecast drug effects would transform medicine and health, potentially opening up a new trillion-dollar market," said Haomiao Huang, General Partner at Matter Venture Partners.

"Bioinformatic processing of RNAseq and other omics data is a highly difficult, multi-step process that currently requires numerous hours of dedicated, specialised programming. As we increased our RNAseq data collection over the past year, we began developing OmicsWeb Copilot as an internal tool to help our scientists make sense of the data. We then realised that other individuals could find this tool beneficial, so we're making it available to the broader public for free," said Ashwin Gopinath, Co-Founder and CTO of Biostate AI.

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