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Doctors' Strike Continues at GTB Hospital as Demands Persist

Patient care at Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital in Delhi remains severely affected for the second consecutive day due to an ongoing strike by junior and resident doctors. The strike was prompted by violent threats and an attempted attack on doctors in the gynecology department.

While emergency services remain functional, OPD services have been shut down due to the absence of resident doctors.

The Resident Doctors Association (RDA) is resolute in its demands. They insist on the filing of an institutional FIR with appropriate legal charges and the arrest and criminal prosecution of all accused individuals. The RDA also demands enhanced security measures, including the deployment of bouncers on the hospital campus, restricted attendance at hospital gates, and the installation of proper call buttons at all emergency workstations. Additionally, they call for the formation of a quick response team with standard operating procedures for handling panic calls and the maintenance of a monthly roster of security personnel on duty, along with their contact information.

The RDA emphasizes that these measures are crucial for ensuring the safety and security of the medical staff and maintaining a safe working environment at the hospital. The doctors remain firm on their demands, refusing to return to work until they are met.

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