Gum paints are a combination of antiseptics & tanning agents. They are used for local application to the gums during severe bacterial infections & their inflammatory conditions. When applied they rovide a cooling, soothing, astringent effect & they have germicidal, fungicidal, anaesthetic & healing properties used in the treatment of stomatitis, inflammed/bleeding/spongy & painful gum conditions. Reduce sensitivity & increase gingival resistance against infections. Antiseptic gargles & mouthwashes are used for oral hygiene. Under conditions of severe bacterial infections, antibiotics are employed as additional medication. Toothpastes containing formalin are used for sensitive teeth & gums.Strontium chloride is combined to provide better tooth protection & for painful hypersensitive (to hot, cold or mechanical stimuli) teeth. Strontium chloride effectively & speedily blocks the micro-tubuar fibrillae on the exposed dentine, thus eliminating the transmission of painful neural stimuli.

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