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Advertising Policy

Drug Today's advertising policies reflect a commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and compliance with industry guidelines, especially when it comes to the promotion of prescription-only medicines. The focus on truthfulness, inclusivity, and adherence to ASCI Guidelines demonstrates a dedication to responsible advertising in the healthcare sector. This approach aims to safeguard both the interests of consumers and the integrity of the advertising industry.

1. Truthfulness and Authenticity:

  • Drug Today places a strong emphasis on truthfulness and authenticity in advertising. This implies that advertisers must provide accurate and honest information in their advertisements.
  • Advertisers bear the sole responsibility for verifying the authenticity of the claims made in their ads. This underscores the importance of ensuring that the information presented to the audience is reliable and can be substantiated.

2. Inclusive Advertising Policy:

  • Drug Today promotes an inclusive advertising policy, aligning with the ASCI Guidelines. This indicates a commitment to creating advertisements that are inclusive and do not engage in discriminatory or misleading practices.
  • By encouraging inclusivity, Drug Today aims to ensure that advertisements resonate with diverse audiences and adhere to ethical standards set by the advertising industry.

3. ASCI Guidelines for Prescription-Only Medicines:

  • Advertisements for prescription-only medicines must adhere to the ASCI Guidelines, reflecting a commitment to regulatory standards and responsible advertising practices.
  • Clear labelling indicating that the advertisement is intended for health professionals helps prevent the misuse of information by the general public. This aligns with the need to maintain a balance between informing healthcare professionals and avoiding the promotion of prescription drugs directly to consumers.
  • The requirement to promote correct and rational use of medicines emphasises the ethical responsibility to contribute to public health by discouraging inappropriate or unnecessary use of prescription drugs.
  • The prohibition of misleading information in advertisements further underscores the commitment to transparency and ensuring that consumers receive accurate and reliable information about prescription medications.
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