MedGenome Labs acquires Trident Diagnostics

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MedGenome Labs, one of the leading genetic diagnostic companies in South Asia, has acquired Bengaluru’s Trident Diagnostics and Healthcare, a diagnostics and radiology healthcare centre.

In a statement, MedGenome said that this collaboration will help the company further democratize genetic testing by providing integrated tests to clinicians, patients, and consumers across Karnataka.

The company added that earlier in 2021, MedGenome Labs also ventured into direct-to-consumer (DTC) category under the brand name Genessense, offering specialized, evidence-based genetic screening tests that provide insights into a person’s health much before the onset of symptoms. This acquisition will help expand the access to these tests to consumers in Tier II and III markets.

Dr. Ramprasad, CEO, Diagnostics, MedGenome Labs, said, “At a time when coronavirus has turned the world’s attention towards genome sequencing and its role in timely prevention of infectious diseases, we are taking another step forward to convey the importance of genomics and personalized medicine in healthcare to larger population.

 He added, “It is indeed a big win for healthcare,” said Kirandev Hiremath, Co-founder & Managing Director, Trident Diagnostics, “with this acquisition, we will be working closely with MedGenome Labs, an established leader in the genetic diagnostic space. This will not only give us access to world-class technology but also assist us in research and development for creating faster, effective and accurate test results that will contribute to providing better diagnosis with a comprehensive test menu.”

 In addition to all of the above capabilities, MedGenome will also work closely with the government and PSUs to bolster the nation’s needs in building better health systems.

 “At a time when healthcare is the current backbone of any nation, this acquisition will also help India reach the pinnacle of diagnostics and tests in the future,” said Prof. Kshama Hiremath, Co-Founder & CEO, Trident Diagnostics.


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