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Pharmaceutical companies in India
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Eris Lifesciences and Medtronic take diabetes monitoring initiative

Eris Lifesciences and Medtronic take diabetes monitoring initiative
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Madan R Krishnan and Amit Bakshi signing the partnership for diabetes monitoring initiative

NEW DELHI: Eris Lifesciences, a leading player in the chronic drugs segment in India, has announced a partnership with Medtronic Pvt. Ltd for a diabetes monitoring initiative in India.

The partnership will utilize the two companies' strengths in helping patients monitor their diabetes better, the company said in a statement.

According to the partnership, Medtronic will bring to India its latest US FDA approved Guardian Connect device for real-time evaluation of glucose variability in diabetes patients. Eris, through its national reach, will provide the device at clinics and healthcare delivery units under its patient care initiative.

Guardian Connect is a cutting edge device that stands out with built-in mechanisms for sending out alerts predicting high and low blood sugars 10-60 minutes in advance.

“Through this initiative, we aim to make patients and physicians adopt newer technologies for better healthcare,” said Amit Bakshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Eris Lifesciences.

Madan Krishnan, Managing Director, India Medtronic, said, “Guardian Connect empowers the diabetes patients to take control in real-time and the physician to be fully-equipped with data and evidence.”


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