Covid deaths cross 1 lakh in the US

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 Rohit Shishodia

The US continues to top Covid cases and deaths in the world. On May 27, 2020, deaths due to the corona virus in the country crossed the one lakh mark. As per Worldometer data, the country has reported 100,572 fatalities so far with 17, 25,275 recorded cases.

However, according to the data, the number of new Covid cases is declining in ten states of the US while it remains steady in 22. As many as 18 states, including Georgia, Arkansas, California and Alabama, continue to report increase in the daily number of cases of the virus.

China, from where the deadly virus originated, has reported 4,634 deaths with 82,993 cases while its neighboring country India has reported 4,346 Covid deaths, but with 151,876 cases.  

After the US, the UK has registered the most 37, 048 virus deaths, followed by Italy at 32,995. France has reported 28,530 deaths while Spain has recorded 27,117 deaths followed by Brazil at 24,593 fatalities. Belgium has recorded 9,334 deaths followed by Germany at 8,498, Iran at 7,508 and Canada at 6,639.


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