Amputated thumb of 12-yr-old successfully re-attached in Maharashtra Hospital

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 Misbah Ali

A team of plastic and reconstructive microsurgeon led by Dr. Sushil Nehete and Dr. Leena Jain performed a challenging 6-hour-long surgery to re-attach the amputated thumb of a 12-year-old boy.

On May 28, 2021, 12-year-old in excruciating pain was rushed to Maharashtra’s Wockhardt Hospital with a completely amputated and avulsed right thumb at the base.

“If people manage to preserve the amputated part and reach the hospital on time then it is possible to re-attach or reconstruct the detached fingers with the help of surgery. This patient was fortunate enough to reach the hospital within 3.5 hours after the injury and wisely brought his amputated part in a well-preserved condition,” Dr. Sushil Nehete said.

“The surgery was initiated as the procedure performed within 4-6 hours of trauma has a higher success rate while a delay is linked to the poor outcomes as the cells in the cut-off portion start dying. Re-implantation surgery is a well-known procedure and can be done for any age group,” he added.

Dr Leena Jain said, “It is imperative to shift anyone encountering such incidents immediately to the hospital considering rapid blood loss and saving the life. Also, call the emergency department of the hospital first so that the staff is ready till the patient arrives.”

Describing the surgery and the condition of the patient, Dr Sushil further added, “The entire procedure was performed under a microscope wearing a PPE. The thumb performs around 50% functions of the hand and the surgery was successful. The post-operative period was uneventful and the patient was discharged after 7 days. The patient can feel 50% sensation. With the physiotherapy and time, the functioning will improve.”

“Our world came crashing down when he saw our son crying helplessly, and his hand was covered in blood as well as the blood was dripping continuously. He was unable to talk or explain what happened. We are thankful to the doctors who have made it possible for my son to resume his normal life. He has started attending online schooling now. I urge parents to be cautious,” concluded the patient’s father.


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