Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Practo sees 95 percent rise in diabetes queries online

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Practo’s Online Consult has registered a 95% increase in diabetes queries since last year. Consumers have increasingly preferred online consultation as it helps in understanding the symptoms via virtual assistance at the initial stage and removes all apprehensions of visiting a doctor for further treatment.

According to Practo insights, there has been an 81% increase in the number of people searching for an endocrinologist on Practo.

The search for diabetologists grew by 51% since last year. The insights indicate that there’s an increased awareness among people regarding diabetes and the need for timely medical assistance from a qualified specialist.

As many as 66% of all diabetes related consults came from men, most of the queries came from men aged between 31-40. Amongst women, those under 30 consult the most on diabetes and most of the users who booked appointments for diabetes related concerns were aged between 25 and 34 years, said the study.

Online Consult also aids in getting immediate answers to some burning questions about anxiety, depression and more from Medical Council registered quality doctors.

Solving the accessibility issue, Practo’s Online Consult is not just helping people from metro cities but also patients from tier 2+ cities and rural areas where the availability of mental health professionals is very limited.


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