Akhilesh Yadav trolled over spat with doc

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Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav

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An Emergency Medical Officer at Chhibramau hospital, Kannauj, where victims of the recent Kannauj bus accident were admitted, faced verbal spat with former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Yadav is seen interacting with patients in a video and told the doctor to leave the room.

A patient’s kin informed Yadav that his patient has not even been checked. The medical officer interrupted, but Yadav told the doctor that he should not speak because he is a government employee.

“We know what government is. You don’t speak because you are a government employee. You should not speak. You cannot take government side. You are so low level employee, you are low level man. You can be a person of RSS and BJP but you cannot make me understand that what the person is telling me. Stay away just stay away. Run away from there and leave the room,” said Yadav in the video.

Yadav inquires from other employees about the doctor. One of them tells him that he hails from Gorakhpur. That is why he is taking the side of government, said Yadav to the kin of patients.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Medical Officer, Dr DS Mishra, said, “I was present there as I was treating patients. One of the patients said he did not get the compensation cheque. I tried to clarify that the cheque was given. At this former CM Akhilesh ji got angry and asked me to leave the room.”

People on Twitter have slammed Yadav for using harsh words for a senior doctor who was treating the patients. One of the user said Yadav has not been taught how to speak to a person who is younger than him.

Another user referred to the arrogance of form CM of UP. “The person who is performing his duty should not be behaved such a way. Such behavior also questions your manners which you have been taught,” said another user.


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