Noida nightmare: 40°c, no fan, abysmal toilet, hall-full of coughing corona patients

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The state of affairs at the healthcare centers dedicated for Covid patients in NOIDA is such a sorry one that their condition becomes from bad to worse.

For instance, the centre at Sharda Hospital near the Knowledge Park III in Greater Noida, is a hall with scores of constantly coughing corona positive patients lying of beds in rows. There is a surfeit of mosquitoes, unbeatable heat and not even a fan, what to talk of an air conditioner.

The toilet is common, and with so many people in the hall, it's state can be imagined.

A Covid positive, who was recently admitted here, informed that mosquitoes are ruling the roost while fans are not functioning in the hall, thus making it more difficult for patients who are already in a panic mode.

According to him, facilities in the center do not meet the required staying protocol standards for Covid patients where hygiene and adequate rest has paramount importance. But in this hospital staying for hours seems a huge challenge, not to speak of taking adequate rest or sleeping.

It may be noted that this patient already suffers from some lung disease and staying for him amid frequent misquote bites and without fans in such heat and humid weather can be very harmful.  

The patient further said that all the Covid patients admitted in the hall are coughing regularly and exposing their breaths to one another. In such a situation, the condition of even a healthy man or those who are asymptomatic may worsen.

This also brings frustration for patients who are capable of paying for better quarantine facilities and willing to pay for treatment in private hospitals but their movement outside the hospital is banned due to which they have to stay in unliveable conditions.


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