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DMC to train staff for Covid work in New Delhi

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 Rohit Shishodia

The Delhi Medical Council has collaborated with the New Delhi District Magistrate for managing cases of Covid in the district.

The DMC will provide doctors to train community health workers, known as Swasthyadoot, to serve the community-based Covid care centers.

DMC will provide motivated and committed doctors to train community based healthcare workers. Training will make them aware of basic healthcare needs of Covid-19 patients. This collaboration will try to overcome the scarcity of healthcare professionals with better utilization of limited resources.

“Qualified healthcare professionals alone cannot provide health care services to increasing number of Covid-19 patients. So, role of these Swasthyadoot will be very important in providing health care services under the supervision of qualified doctors in form of vitals monitoring like pulse, BP, respiratory rate, temperature, basic hygiene practices, management of patients daily routine, record keeping and tele-consultation with doctors,” said DMC in a release.


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