Heroic Delhi doc back home after 6-month corona duty

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Dr Ajeet Jain's family celebrating his return home

A doctor in Delhi, fighting on the frontlines against coronavirus, got a hero’s welcome when he returned home after six months of Covid-19 duty. A video of the rousing welcome has gone viral on social media and impressed thousands of health workers in the country.

The doctor in charge of treatment at Delhi's dedicated Covid-19 hospital, Dr Ajeet Jain, returned home after completing six months of uninterrupted duty, said a senior health department official.

Attached to the Delhi government’s Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Dr Jain, who is also a cardiologist, formed a team -- including a nurse, nursing orderly and housekeeping staff -- who would talk to the patients admitted in the hospital daily on general things so that they do not feel lonely. Separate teams have been created to call up those who have recovered from the virus to know about their well-being.

Dr Jain has been working tirelessly right from the time the outbreak happened and has treated thousands of patients in the facility, of which over 1500 have recovered from the deadly infection, the official said.


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