Matching Rakt-Kundli more important than Janm-kundli: Vardhan

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Dr Harsh Vardhan

India’s Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has stressed that the matching of Rakt-kundli is more important than that of Janm-kundli to prevent Thalassemia. Pre-marital screening for Thalassemia could be vital to curb this disease.

Inaugurating a Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) facility at the Indian Red Cross Society, Delhi, Dr Vardhan pointed out that many people visit various shrines on important occasions but remarked that blood donation accrues the same Punya as undertaking these Tirthas.

He said that regular blood donation also decreases the risk of many obesity related diseases.  

In an appeal for more blood donation, Dr Vardhan informed that in developed countries, 50 persons per 1000 people donate blood in a year.  

“In our country, 8-10 persons donate blood per 1000 people in a year.  India with a massive population of 1.38 billion requires just around 14 million units of blood annually. Ideally if 1% of the total eligible population donates blood every year there would be no shortage of blood,” he added.


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